Wheel of Misfortune...

So, this past weekend Drew and I went to tampa to visit our family and also to try to try out for Wheel of Fortune! The visiting was definitely the highlight! lol Drew did not get an audition (frownie face) but his sister Val did! It was so fun and exciting when her name was called! Then she got up on stage and sang "I'm Too Sexy!"

It. Was. Awesome! She is much braver than me. At one point the guy calling people up said "Mark... long pause" I swear I almost peed. I was so relieved when he finished with "Mark Gonzalez" or whoever he was calling! We all really wanted Drew to have a turn to try out cuz he is so crazy good at those silly puzzles but alas, the wheel did not smile upon him... Sorry boobie! You're still a winner to me!

Also, I got to pet a Sloth! That was pretty neat! It's hair was very coarse but it was so so cute!

Oh, and please excuse our sweaty/gross looking-ness in these pics...it was pretty hot and the auditions were outside! It made for a long day...!

One more thing while I have you here... I went to the dr today and everything is still looking good... they say I'm right on target to gain exactly 25lbs...so as long as I don't start pigging out everyday all day I should be good on the prego weight gain...which is something I have tried to be very concious of from the get go so it's paying off! yay!

And for your enjoyment...here is what my baby boy looks like this week (28 weeks) :0)
The website I use for pregnancy info says he should be about the size of a chinese cabbage!


Stephanie said...

You made it 2 weeks longer than melanie did! YAY for you!!! so sad about the wheel of fortune thing, drew would have been awesome on it and it would have been so much fun to watch him on there! haha oh and p.s. I LOVE YOUR BANGS!!! i want them bad!!! i just need to have longer hair, oh and so happy to see you rockin the waver. Rock on Rock on. p.p.s. you baby belly is way too cute. miss you girlie, really really bad.

tallygirl_18 said...

Awww It would have been totally cool if he had made in onto the show!! And that's cool that you got to pet a sloth...... And you have a cute little cabbage!!

Valarie said...

I AM too sexy.....

Megan Joy Hull :) said...

hey girl, congrats on everything lately, the race, having such a fit pregnancy and really enjoying your time with Drew! You are a model pregnant woman! Can't wait to see the pics of your son when he makes his debut! Keep in touch :)

Olivia said...

exactly 25 lbs, huh? I hate you! Just kidding! You are having the perfect pregnancy though, and as you know I am jealous.

Meanwhile, I remain the only woman in the world complaining about NOT gaining weight, lol.

I can't wait to see you as a mom. I had a dream last night that both of our families were at the beach together, with Anjali running wild, and our two little ones giggling at each other...I hope we can get them together often so they can grow up friends.

carrs in tally said...

Oh the life of Mrs. Blimes! We need to hang out asap!

D'Arcy said...

I love that you baby is the size of a cabbage! Did you know in France it is a term of endearment to call your baby or loved one a little cabbage head?

You do it like this:
mon petit chou bi chou

(phonetically--moan peteet shoe be shoe)

If you haven't thought of a name for Baby Blimes, I suggest that for now!