Farewell Slim!!!

Well, I have some sad news for all my faithful blog followers. Slim has disappeared. If you don't remember, Slim was one of my pet turtles.

You see, after we moved into our new home I thought it would be nice for the guys to have a little pool in the back yard to live in instead of their tiny tank. They loved itand were always swimming around like crazy men! But a few days ago I noticed Slim wasn't coming out for feeding time like he usually did (they normally let me feed them by hand!)

After a couple days I got suspicious and started looking for him; under the floating wreath, the rock, I even lifted the heavy heavy concrete climber that's in the pool with them: he was gone.

I have a couple sad suspicions of what his demise could have been...you see Mable loves to stand by the side of the pool and bat at the turtles with her paws and bark at them so Im thinking she could have maybe taken it too far one day and grabbed him out and he was lost in the yard somewhere... or maybe a bird could have snatched him outta the water...?

But then again, maybe he just climbed out and went wandering for a new home. That thought isn't too sad. So, instead of let Jim be all lonely in the big pool, I decided to let him move in with his "cousins" out at my mama's house. She has a pool with 3 other turtles and some frogs so i thought he'd be happier there than all alone here with nothing but the memory of his old buddy Slim.

He seemed to make the initial transition well, he took right to the slimy green water and immediately began chasing a frog so I am confident he'll be happy out there! So, send out happy thoughts for ole Slim, wherever he may be!!! I'll miss you lil guy!

PS Im gonna repost this link to our baby name poll incase anyone happened to miss it on the last blog! lol Can you tell I need all the name help I can get???



The Millers said...

Poor little Slim. I think you made a great choice letting Jim move in with his cousins!

Jenn said...

I hope Slim finds his way if he is still out there!

If not, R.I.P. little acrobatic turtle fellow.

MasterCf said...

Yea I am Matt Evelo :D

And yea I should be driving!

Olivia said...

aw, Slim! The slime isn't always greener on the other side, buddy! :) Here's hoping good frog hunting for Jim.