Learning the Ropes

This week the fabulous Mary Ann began introducing me to the wonderful world of floral design!!! I am happy to say that so far it is everything I knew it would be! I am so excited to be able to help bring something as natural and beautiful as flowers into peoples homes and lives! Corny? Maybe, but I have a passion for something! Finally!!! I am just super grateful that MA is awesome enough to teach me. She is very very good, so I know I'm in good hands!

In other news, baby blimes is just floating away in here, I still haven't been sick or anything... I basically have no signs of pregnancy except the glorious absence of "the lady in red." Well, I guess that's not entirely true, I have been tired and can sometimes get a little moody...! Poor Drew. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that we only see each other on the weekends right now! lol Oh, if any of yall didn't know, drew has been placed on the 4pm to 12am shift at work so we barely see one another during the week. It's pretty lonely around the house w/o him but me and Mable have been getting in some pretty good quality time and some nice naps too!

Not too much else to report, I've had my niece and nephew here all week so I haven't been working! They are getting us ready for the real deal in December! Three days ago my entire dining table was smeared with Macaroni and Cheese...nice!


The Millers said...

Hope you got that mac and cheese off before it dried...it can be a beast to clean up!

Glad you're still feeling good!

Jared Gunnell said...

MMMM. Mac and Cheese. By the way I am still as fat as I was in Tally!!!

Jenn said...

Floral Design? Have I missed something? If you ever need anything, even just to talk, give me a ring...don't hesitate!!

Love you!

Valarie said...

"I have been tired" Umm, that isn't pregnancy, you are ALWAYS tired. :)
So when are you going to practice with MY children?? :)

Olivia said...

lol, Madame Perfect Pregnancy, I HATE YOU! No, seriously, I don't, I'm just jealous. I will think of you as I puke tonight. Maybe I'm being sick for both of us? THAT would explain things!

carrs in tally said...

MJ- you ROCK!