I sent this picture to hubby the other day because I thought I looked nice in it and he doesn't see me looking nice nearly often enough. Then I set it as his phone screen saver so he can remember that he has a pretty wife, even on days when I don't look so pretty. ;0)

He insists that I am beautiful with bunned hair and stained sweat pants but I tend to disagree. I guess that's one of the beautiful things about being married. There's always someone to see the beauty in you, even when you have boogers in your hair and dirt under your fingernails.

He's made me far to comfortable though. I honestly believe that he sees a beautiful me when I look like a dead dog, and while that is pretty much the sweetest  thing ever, it's also a free ticket to notsy-so-hotsy town without fear of dying alone strangled by my own armpit hair. Not cool Quesas. Not cool. 

I realize that I blogged about this very same matter just like, two days ago but it weighs on me. And yet I have barely dipped a toenail in the puddle of change. I think I did my hair twice last week. And I bought a box of hair color so that's something.

Maybe I need to make a few less excuses. Or maybe I need more time to myself. Or maybe I'm over-thinking this whole thing. Yeah, that's probably it. 

Tonight is taco night! Wooo Hoooo! Every Wednesday. Yes please. Drew and I are anxiously awaiting the return of  Tacos and Survivor night. We are pretty excited to see Survivor on the new tv.  But we'd be excited with the old one too.

Prepare for an upcoming post all about the cuteness that is my sweet boys. OMGeeeeepers they are adorableness incarnate.  Wow, adorableness is really a word? I thought for sure it's have a squiggly red line under it when I hit the space bar. 

Aren't you glad you're reading this today? Sorry, I owe you five minutes of life now. Love your face!



Jennifer said...

Hey, I thought your hair looked freshly colored on Sunday. And I agree with that thing about marriage and someone always finding the beauty in you. So nice when it's true, great feeling, until I look in the mirror and then it's like, yeah whatever! :) :)

Jennifer said...

Sorry, reread and to clarify I don't think that every time I look in the mirror...just on those down days. :)