sweet summer.

I love Ollie's face in this picture. He is just like "Whoa." Which is one of the few words he says. But he says it a lot. Sigh. Why do these sweet little faces have to grow so big so fast?

I wonder so often if I'll have anymore kids. Part of me feels like, of course! Two is no where near enough! But then again, in the reality of all the hard working days and nights I honestly don't know that I could handle anymore. It's such a difficult balance; being a mommy and wife and also trying to be me. 

Finding time for myself is next to impossible. When I do get a a spare minute I am usually so stunned I have no idea what to do... Sleep? Blog? Shopping? Bake? Sleep? Put on make up? Sleep? Clean? 

You can see that sleep is a hot commodity around here. I LOVE naps and I miss them dearly. I still haven't quite accepted the fact that I can't sleep as much as I want to anymore and it can be a source of great bitterness. Often Drew gets woken up by my bitter grumblings as I drag myself outta bed for the 3rd or 4th time in the middle of the night to console one boy or another. How can I possibly add another??? Maybe I sound like a wimpy kiddie baby whiner. Maybe not. I don't know, time will tell I suppose.

For now I am soaking up what little babyness Ollie has left and navigating the ever changing waters of raising an almost 4 year old. Wow. When did that happen?

Alright, I gotta go marinate some chicken for dinner. Yummmmmmm.


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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Cute pictures!!! I love that one of Oliver sticking his head in the sprinkler! hahaha and you look like a gazelle jumping over it! Go girl!

I am TOTALLY with you on the adding more kids to the family situation. I am stressed thinking about adding a second in less than 3 months. I swear Brinley has enough attitude and energy to tire anyone out.