Sweet baby, you amaze me everyday. I love watching you crawl around the family room discovering little things that make you smile. You are smart as a whip my child. And you climb like a monkey. Our home is your jungle gym. I find it so amusing and impressive that you can already play catch. You know just what to do when someone throws a ball to you.

You are the happiest baby in the world Oliver. Your smile goes on for miles and miles. Speaking of Miles, you are INSANE about him. You want to do everything he does. In fact just today I caught you teetering at the top pf the slide (which was next to the tree Miles was climbing) grasping with all you had for those branches. Your time will come sweet one. You also love playing chase with Miles. He will crawl after you and the two of you just laugh and laugh. Your laugh is magical sweet baby.

You are your father's child. You can't help but start dancing when music plays. Even if it's just a jingle on a commercial you start bouncing up and down with the biggest grin. I love that your grin still only has two tiny teeth. You're welcome to stay my baby boy forever ya know. Just sayin'. Lately you learned a new dance and it.is.awesome. Whenever the music especially moves you, you sit up on your knees and throw both arms high above your head and jump/scoot along the floor. Hilarious! Dang I love you.

There was a moment a couple weeks ago that I want to remember forever. You were having a little milk snack amid the chaos of the older children playing around us. My milk was just letting down when you popped off to check out the wild things in action. When you turned back to my breast you were met with three streams of milk spraying at you in all directions. Your little face was getting covered with milk and you just kept shaking your head from side to side, swinging your little hands after the milk, laughing wildly. Heaven. And once again, seriously hilarious.

You are so special to me Oliver Wesley. And I can't believe it's already time to plan your first birthday party. I hope you know I'm bananas for you.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

What a cutie pie :) Love these little snaggles of stories about your babies!

Lindy said...

Ollie is getting to be such a big boy! He looked so grown up in his suit today. He seems like such a happy go lucky little guy!