string around my finger.

A few things this week has brought to mind...

A good friend is better than almost anything. They tell you what you need to hear, listen without judgement, laugh at your bad jokes, see good in you when you cant and most of all, they always serve salmon patties.

A kind husband is more important than a rich husband. Kindness is better than a six pack. Better than a big house and fancy cars. A kind husband is a treasure. If you have one, show him some appreciation.

I am SO glad to be out of the dating game. Seven years seems to have drastically changed the way the world dates. I fear for my boys when their time comes. Maybe arranged marriages will be back in by then. Yes, We'll hope for that.

Being ladylike is an art long forgotten. Let's resurrect it a bit shall we ladies? How's your posture right now? Yeah, mine too. Sit up straight! It does wonderful things for your breasts!

Peanut butter babies make me have raging baby fever. Thanks for that.

Life is short. Pay attention to things that make you happy and let the rest take care of itself.

Also, how is this my first blog this week? Ugh. this is gonna be harder than I thought.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

well said! thanks for the posture reminder...eep!

Mandy said...

I second the reminder for the posture. My breasts need all the help they can get. *sigh*