something for monday.

Well, I'm back. This weekend was so magical. I love love love weekends. Why can't everyday be Saturday? Or Sunday for that matter? I suppose if every day were a weekend day there would be nothing special about it though. I just love the feeling of finishing a hard weeks work and getting to enjoy a little special time with awesome people.

Highlights from this weekend include:

Winning our softball game. Yes!
Oliver turning 6 months and starting solid food. Cry.
Drew taking me on a surprise date to Cirque De Soliel! It was so so cool. Best hubby ever.
Miles sporting my tall mismatched multi-colored socks, his undies and nothing else. Hilarious.
Hanging with my girls at the cutest monster party ever.
Learning a secret.
Making a new friend.
Hearing some beautiful talks by some beautiful people.

Getting our new family photos back!!!!!

Tallahassee friends meet Birdwell Photography. Meet and love! Elizabeth made the photo shoot so fun and relaxing and we love our pictures. Here's a few for your viewing delight!!!

Sigh. I love those guys.


freya said...

marquesas! what?! he's six months old?! that's ridiculous!
beautiful pics of your beautiful fam, as usual :)

Lindy said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!! Your family is breathtaking. :)