Things here have been so good. Busy, but so so good. I am loving my littles to pieces and soaking up these precious days that are going by way too fast. It feels good not to be wishing things were different or waiting for a better reason to be happy. Just having the wonderful people I do in my life is reason enough. Don't get me wrong, things are far from perfect around here but lately perfection just doesn't seem to matter that much. I am just happy to know what is important and that we are doing our best to keep our family happy and whole. 

Blogging has taken a backseat to spending nap time with Oliver who is growing so fast. He is already pulling up! He has been army crawling for weeks now and it is so funny to see him scooching all around the house getting into trouble. Love.

And Miles, oh my Miles. What a character he has become. He is really into sports right now and runs around the backyard all day "scoring home runs." Yesterday after he "won"  one of his games he ran over to me and said " Mom I won mom! Jesus helped me beat my football team!" My baby.

Drew is smokin through his MBA program. It is really nice to be married to an intelligent man. He has absolutely limitless potential. He studies A LOT and I mean A LOT but he's got good grades to show for it and he manages to spend enough time with me and the kiddos so that we all still feel the love. 

As for me, I am officially as Seminole (as of January). I'm pretty excited to finally get finished with this degree in a couple years so I can check that off my list of to dos...

Well, Oliver is awake and has attached himself to my boob so I suppose thats all there's time for today.

Thanks for stickin with me my loyal readers, I know it's been a long drought but I still have mad love for all things blogging.



Meagan said...

great update! I can't believe Oliver is trying to pull himself up!! That is incredible!

Elizabeth Birdwell said...

You just make me smile. You are such a fun loving, genuine, sweet person. So wonderful. What a blessed family to have you as wife and mom.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the update M! So, so happy to hear that you and your sweet family are well! Miss you my bloggy friend. Still have my phone number? Give me a call sometime! Hugs, ~K