today is such a special one.

 Today makes 30 years that you've been on this earth. I am so thankful you were born. And so happy that today is your birthday. You are wonderful. You don't believe it but it's true. There is more good in your pinky finger than many people possess their entire lives. Right now you're disagreeing with me yes? Just trust me here. You are so very very good. Especially to me. How did I ever get so lucky?

You are special. You have a way of making people lighten up and laugh at things that really don't feel very funny at the time. You can bring light to even the darkest places. At times your light has been the only way I survived those dark places. You are literally my hero.

You are beautiful. Inside and out. I love your face. Your smile makes my heart fill up with joy and I love to hear you laugh. You also have the cutest little round booty I have ever seen. But you already knew that. Your eyes can say so many things. I love the way you look at me. Like I am the only girl in the whole world. I can't read your  mind but I love that I never have to worry that you are thinking anything but lovely thoughts about me. Not because I am perfect (faaaaarrrrr from it) but because you forgive my imperfections so very freely that you don't even seem to notice them. I love that you have never raised your voice to me. You have never spoken a harsh word to me. You have never even rolled your eyes at me. You are so so so good to me. How? Why? I don't know but I am grateful.

I only hope that today you know how very much I appreciate you. How much I love you. And how insanely happy I am that you're my birthday boy today. You deserve the best 30th birthday ever and I hope you enjoy today. 

Happy birthday Drew! I'm so glad you're mine!



Wonsch Family said...

Happy Birthday Drew!!! Ya'll are definitely one of the lucky ones(couples) that have found true love.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Awwww, happy birthday Drew! You are a lucky girl M :)

Vicky said...

You forgot to mention how good he is at volleyball! Go ballboppers!

freya said...

so sweet! happy birthday to drew!