post baby body...


Maybe just for this weekend I'll try not to obsessively check the mirror to see if my tummy is flat enough or if my bra is making those super awesome rolls on my back that I love so much.  

Maybe I'll just get ready for the day, smile at myself in that mirror and be happy with what's looking back at me. 

Maybe I'll stop believing the lies society tells me about how I should look, what I should wear and instead just allow my body to be free from the judgement of others. Others, who in all reality, are probably far too busy worrying over their own waistlines to notice mine anyway.

Maybe it is all very silly. Isn't it?

We all have body issues. 

But maybe for this weekend we can just relax. 

Let our body lead the way. It knows when it needs food. 

It knows what kind of food it needs.

It knows when it needs a break from the constant scrutiny of the one who should love it most.

Yes, this weekend I am going to try not to think about the extra 10 lbs that are still hanging around post baby.

I'm just going to be.




Domesticated-Bliss said...

This is a fabulous attitude to have M - I don't know why we let other people dictate our own personal standards of beauty :)

BTW, your "10-lb-until-you-reach-your-goal-weight-post-baby-body" is my "work-my-butt-off-and-sweat-every-day-someday-I'll-get-there-body" :)

Megan Joy said...

totally agree! I am really working on that mindset. As you know children mirror everything you say and do. And as a mother of two girls this issue is particuarly close to my heart. It is summed up in that scene from mean girls when all four girls are looking in the mirror critizing their own bodies and then look to Lindsay Lohan waiting for her to critize herself as well. (Heaven forbid we are happy with our bodies) I NEVER want my girls to critque their bodies as harshly as I have mine. I am so confident that they are perfectly and wonderfully made just as God wanted them to be. But why don't I and 100 million other american women believe that about ourselves? I think your attitude for this weekend is awesome and hopefully will continue through next week and years to come! :)

The Hargretts said...

You are so right... I have been fussing over my body for months... okay years! I just am a very self conscience person and always worried about my physical apperance. But as is every other woman. I like the idea of a relaxed weekend of NO worrying.

Maybe this should turn into an everyday thing. I'm workin' on it. =) FYI you do look fabulous for a beautiful post baby body!

Vicky said...

Your body is beautiful right now as it is! I look back at pictures of myself, even into my 40's, and wonder how I could have been dissatisfied with myself like I was. Now I work out for health reasons. If I lose weight, that will be like an extra treat. My goal now is to be healthy and reduce risks of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Enjoy how beautiful you! All of you young ones!

Meagan said...

:-) You're awesome!!!

I think a big bowl of Blue Bell ice cream is calling my name :-)


Lindy said...

You go girl.

I once read somewhere that if your best friend talked to you the way you talked to yourself...you would never stay best friends with that person.

Ever since then I've tried to be happier with my body, more comfortable with it, and lately more respectful of it. You are an awesome inspiration for all of the above! Its not bad to want to change yourself for the better--it is bad to obsess and hate yourself for not being perfect! Power to the people! woot! haha