Miles being awesome with the Easter Bunny and Oliver snoozing like a champ.

I have decided the hardest part about mothering two kids is keeping the little safe from the big. Miles loves his baby a little too intensely most of the time. We're working through it.

Sleep is... rare these days. And even when both guys are napping during the day I find winding enough to fall asleep challenging.

I miss my blog (and yours) desperately. And fear I have not been journaling life here at home well enough to remember this special place were in; learning to be four.

Breastfeeding came easily this time. Only a few blisters the first couple days but now we are so good.

I am not taking nearly enough pictures lately. Gotta get back in the swing of that soon.

I can't wait to show you little Olivers newborn/first family session via Lindsey Lou. She is quite brilliant you know.

I am down 22 lbs. I think this last 10 is gonna hang on til I can exercise again but I feel pretty good. 

It is really nice not to be pregnant anymore.

I have been receiving sweetness in the mail lately and am overwhelmed by gratitude. Thank you.

I have a mountain of laundry to attack now. I hope to get back in the swing of blogging soon.

Also, we hit 100 followers! (2 are private so you can't see them but my dashboard tells me there are 100 of you) Thank you guys!!! That makes me sooooooooooo happy!!!!

Happy Easter!



Wonsch Family said...

what a fun picture. Miles looks like he's not too sure about the Easter bunny though lol.

Megan Joy said...

Such a cute picture! So glad to see you are blogging again! I just read your birthday party post as well- dang- no drugs! very impressive!
Hey. don't put too much pressure on yourself to do "everything" take the pictures, sleep, blog, clean, spend one on one time with each child, lose the weight, etc. You are currently in the hardest part of having two- so as long as you get through it with two healthy children and maybe a few tears- you did great! hope my unsoliciated advice isn't too much-i just know how ya feel.

take care :)