clicking "new post" just felt so weird.

 It's only been two weeks, but I suppose that's long enough to have blogging feel strange and intimidating again. Just like the first few times. Weird. I didn't realize just how comfy I had grown with spilling my guts to all of cyberspace until now. Sitting here struggling to put into words the events of these past two weeks I recognize again why I love blogging. It is such a good outlet.

Well, as you know Oliver was born! He is beautiful and sweeter than we could've hoped. He sleeps tons, nurses like a champion and barely ever cries. I have fallen fast for him. And hard. I get carried away in his newborn deliciousness several times a day and have to remind myself to rejoin the land of the alert. After all I do have a big brother on the loose now. Who, by the way is just as awesome as ever.

Last night as I was pulling Miles out of the bath tub we heard Oliver crying. I said, "I think baby brother wants to eat." Miles got really excited and said "I've got my nipples on! I need to feed baby brother!" Hilarious I tell ya.

As far as the birth story goes, I plan on letting photographs tell the story. My beautiful friend and photographer was able to capture the most precious moments during baby Oliver's birth and I will be forever grateful.

Some of you know that the evening we brought Oliver home I noticed him having difficulty breathing. I called the Dr. the next morning and we were re-admitted to the hospital for a few days of observations and testing. The diagnosis was "most likely reflux" and we were sent home.

The very next morning baby and I were enjoying a nap and I woke with a start and just felt like I needed to check the baby. (Happens to all new mommies, yes?) I found him lying blue in his bassinet very still and not breathing. I quickly grabbed him up out of his bed and before he even reached my chest his color came back and he was breathing again.

Of course we were re-admitted to the hospital again that day. This time extensive testing was done to rule out any brain or heart issues that could have caused the ALTE (Apparent Life Threatening Event). Baby was a champ through it all and all the tests came back clean. Except one. Reflux. The Dr. said he was "eaten up with reflux" a diagnosis that was welcomed by Drew and I since it could have been so so much worse.

I was just happy my baby was alive.

We stayed in the hospital for several more days and were finally sent home with an apnea monitor so that if the lil guy tries anymore funny business the whole neighborhood will know it. That machine is LOUD. But thank God for it. And thank God for modern medicine and sweet nurses and good doctors.

I have an entire gratitude post just bubbling over in my heart but that will have to be for another day.

I just wanted to log in again and update you dear friends on what's been going on. Oliver is well. We are all doing wonderfully. A little rattled but we are happy to be home and together as a family of four.

Thank you all so much for the love and prayers,



Katie said...

Oh wow I am so happy everything worked out. How scary! So glad that it is nothing more serious. Congrats, he is beautiful!

Jenn said...

I have been thinking of you all often. I can't imagine how terrifying it's been. I am SO, SO, SO glad Oliver is home and healthy. Please give our love to all the Blimes.

lindsey said...

Holy moly this baby is absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy for you guys, and even more happy that Oliver is okay! :) Praise God!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Well, we know one thing for sure. You and Drew make beautiful babies :) So glad to hear everything is ok - Tiffani kept me posted all last weekend. And as always, Lindsey's photos are exceptional.

I missed you my friend, can't wait to hear more about your boys :)

Meagan said...

I just love him to bits already!!!!!!

I want to comeover RIGHT now and give you and Oliver a big hug, but unfortunately, Brinley and I BOTH have colds. Yes, they have already passed to one of the babies I watch. JOY. The mom just laughed and said, She needs to be exposed sometime, right?? Um, thank YOU for being understanding :-) And yes, it is better knowing where the cold came from sometimes...

Anyways, GORGEOUS pics. We need a girls night ASAP.

Preston and Angie said...

What a cutie! And what a crazy two weeks! We're glad you're home and well!!! Hope we'll see you around soon and get to meet Baby Oliver!

Megan Joy said...

wow, so scary. So glad to hear he is doing well and is home. I can't imagine how you must have felt in that blue moment. Fortunately it sounds like the worst is over and it is on to cute little coos, stinky poos and cuddling all day! So happy for you both= and by the way he is absolutely adorable!!

Enjoy him, as I know you will! :)

God Bless

Gabe and Christina said...

Welcome back! I missed your updates so much! So glad everything is okay!

freya said...

what a cutie! these pictures are amazing! i'm so glad your little family of four is safe and sound! soak it up!

Lindy said...

Oliver is so, so stinkin' cute! And you are the prettiest mom in labor ever.
I'm so glad everything is okay and under control. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures :) I really missed you around the blogosphere.

Mandy said...

He's a stunner! So glad he's okay. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I had woken up to CJ like that!

Barbie and Craig said...

SO happy he's okay. SO happy he's so freaking cute. SO happy you got awesome photos (and SO jealous). SO miss your updates, even though I am the biggest hypocrite of all time. SO need to see pics of big bro Miles with Little O. SO LOVE YOU. Oh, and SO need to commiserate with you about our ouchie parts. What's up with that?! xoxo

Sharstin said...

congrats!! he is a looker for sure~ and i love the name~ happy weekend girly!