my miles.

Sometimes when I go pee pee in the potty you cheer for me and proclaim that I should get candy. That's awesome.

You can ride your bike fast, slow, forwards, backwards, steer and stop when you want. You are VERY athletically gifted my son.

These days, sliding down slides is too boring for  you. You've decided climbing to the top and leaping to the bottom is much more exciting. I know it gets my heart pumping anyway. You little dare devil.

Lately, you want me to help you over anyone else. The sister missionaries were here last night and you wouldn't let them wipe your nose or even open a door for you without protest. Interesting.

You love to sing songs and you are very quick to learn them. Really you only have to hear a song once before you at least know a little piece of it.

You can put your own shoes on and you ALWAYS get them on the right feet!

Lately you request me to join you in the tub A LOT. I don't mind because I love you and it's pretty fun but we both barely fit now that baby brother has grown so big inside my tummy!

You tell me all the time that I have a "big ole belly."

You were measuring yourself  last night with a tape measure. When I asked how big you were you said "27." That's what you said when I asked how old  you were too. Funny cuz that's how old I am for another couple weeks or so.

You are so special to me little man. You make my life so sweet. I love you and wish I really could "keep you in the kitchen with me forever." Just like in your night night song.



Sharstin said...

ah what a sweet post! he is a handsome lil mister:)

Meagan said...

I love that book!!!! He is such a sweetie.

White Folk said...

Parker has those same jammies with the woodland animals on them! Too cute :)

Kristin said...

Hello darling M! How are you and that baby doing? He still in there cookin' away? :-) Loved your last couple of posts-about being yourself and the one to your hubby. He's a lucky guy.- Wanted to let you know too, about a party I'm havin' tomorrow. It's all about sharing a picture of something that makes your heart smile...deep down! And I thought, since you do that almost everyday anyway, you might want to join in the fun! The goal is to start getting some happiness spreading around blogland...will you help? Hugs, ~K

Lindy said...

I think everybody should get cheers and candy when they go potty.

What a sweet, cute little boy you have!