one of my favorite things.

(Me as the sexy librarian. Thanks for letting me borrow the specs Jess!)

So, obviously I have a mad love for all things blogging. But one of the VERY best, most exciting things is when someone I have never met or haven't seen in forever  leaves a comment. It is so exciting to get to know new people (and find out which of my old homies keeps updated) through the blogosphere! People out there prolly think I'm crazy because I am always commenting on total strangers' blogs! But sometimes they are just too darling not to say hi!

So if you're here and feeling shy, don't! I want to know you! (And blog stalk you in return!) Ha ha!  Ok, maybe I am a little blogger crazed. Anyway, I hope to get to know you soon!

Lots a love,



Lindy said...

Cute librarian look! Also...I don't know where the screw driver story went, but I read it earlier today and thought it was just about the sweetest thing ever. I just love the stories you share!!

BlackBelle said...

Mrs. Blimes,
I love reading your blogs and attempting to do your crafts too! There, I came out of my shy shell and why not, it is a New Year! Love the glasses and the hair too! I am going to keep following and I am new to this blogging thing so bear with me! Also as a PS, I am LDS too :) feel free to add my blog to yours: sharebecasueyoucare.blogspot.com. Happy reading and New Year!

Melissa said...

I am definitely a blog stalker. You sang in my art gallery once and I gave you my bird print...so it's not TOO stalkerish I think.

Melissa Ash said...

I check your blog every day! You make me smile! You knew me a long while ago when I served in 5th ward with Sister McConnehey and Sister Pettey! (Sister Urry, yep, that's me!) So, I am with Melissa, it's not too blog stalkerish!!

Melissa Ash said...

PS, I have a blog too, but don't know that you'll be too interested! It's not nearly as cute as yours! :)

Barbie and Craig said...

I stalk. and I'm proud. You rock my bloggy world.

Kristen said...

Marquesas, your blog gives me a few minutes of entertainment everyday at work. I'm actually pretty sad when you don't update during a work day. The week during your cruise was very boring and slow. Is that creepy and weird? Anyways, keep the blogging comin' cause you got lots of readers!