a moment of pride.

(Photo via...shabbily cropped by me)

This year I am proud of myself because...

1. I worked hard all year. We're talking 50+ hour work weeks, every week, all year.
2. While I worked I was also able to be home, savoring every moment I could with my sweet baby boy.
3. Because I worked I was able to pay our mortgage all year and still pay off $6,000 worth of debt.
4. I grew closer to some very important people in my life.
5. My husband and I took the time to learn how to ballroom dance.
6. I discovered how really not hard it is to make flower headbands!
7. I regained the habit of studying my scriptures daily.
8. I taught my baby how to pray.
9. I worked hard at being fit and healthy and made some positive changes to my lifestyle.
10. I quit sucking my thumb.

Not too shabby if you ask me. I hope I can continue to progress into the woman I want to be in the coming year. I have a loooong way to go but luckily, I have my whole life to get there... and so do you!

Stay tuned for my New Years Resolutions! You know I love a good list  making post, and what better reason than a new year!?!



Kim said...

wow, Marquesas! you should be proud of yourself! That is quite a lot of really awesome accomplishments. congratulations lady!

White Folk said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!! You're my new hero for that rockin' list of accomplishments girly! :) Can't wait to see what you create/achieve in 2011!

freya said...

you're amazing. i heart you.