mail call...

(The Garden. Crafted for my beautiful sister this Christmas.)

Dear Miles,
     What is with the obsession with Vaseline baby boy? You love to take the container, run away and smear it all over your face, stomach and the house. It is...interesting.

Dear Friends,
     Last night was divine! It is wonderful that after ALL these years I can still be exactly who I am with you all. I love the way you love me. And I love you too!

Dear Husband,
     Thank you for not trying to have me committed after my little...ahem... incident with the screwdriver. I promise to do better controlling my temper next time. Also, I love you because instead of getting mad because I broke the door, you made me feel like a very loved, very normal and sane person.  (Even though we both know that's not the case. :0) )

Dear Baby in my Belly,
     You are movin and groovin now son! Only 13 weeks til meet meet! I love you so much already and I adore the name we have picked out just for you! I really hope this one sticks!

Dear Sweet Reader,
     Wouldn't you love to hear more about the craziness that goes on in my ocd riddled brain? Well, you're in  luck! Lately I feel it's time to share a little more of the story with the world. Maybe it will open me up to ridicule. Maybe it will be cathartic. Maybe it will help someone. Maybe even you.

Dear 20 lbs,
     I did not expect to see you so soon! Seriously body, we've still got 3 months of gaining to do so let's ease up just a tad eh?

Dear Curtains from World Market,
     We decided to go in a different direction with the spending of our Christmas cashola... But I will be saving up for you! Thanks again to our wonderful family for being so very generous! (But it is still really weird to spend money! Really weird but really fun.)

Dear Tampa Family,
     Ready or not... here we come! See you Friday night!

Dear Alesha,
     Why do you have to do things like run marathons and make me feel all lazy and gross!?! Shame on you for being so darn motivated and inspiring!

Dear Self,
     It is not wise to compare yourself to others. Ever. Especially when you're extra pregnant and extra emotional.



Ryan and Meagan said...

Dear Marquesas,

Love your blog. Love your preggo self. and love your family! I wanna hear more about the camera you got! Girl, we need to get together more. I just love you to death and it is too bad we're both like...stuck in our homes doing...daycare! YIKES! BUT, figure out a girls night and I'll be there!!!!

Kristin said...

Was having a crummy day, and M's mail call just made everything better! :-D And that is my testimonial for today. Goodbye.

The Hargretts said...

Okay so Miles being addicted to vaseline reminds me when I older brother Parker was a baby my older sister Ashley smeared vaseline all over him and then either Parker or Ashley put baby power on right after. We have a really funny picture.

Also, you're amazing! Seriously you're a great example to me and you may not think so but it's true =)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

God I love you girl :) Thanks for being you!