Tonight, I held Miles while he fell asleep instead of our usual bedtime routine. He was so peaceful and calm and still. I didn't want to let him go. There isn't much stillness in his waking hours these days. It seems I am always removing him from some danger or another or telling him "no" or running ragged trying to keep his busy little mind and body occupied.
I want to let him explore and discover everything, but I know he needs boundaries. I have encountered children with no boundaries and it is not (in my opinion) pretty. Today I did however let him get into the baby proofed cabinet under the kitchen sink and remove all the items from the tool box. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. (I spent ten minutes picking up nails, screws and staples after he was finished but he had a good time.)
The faster he grows, the more I want to freeze time. I miss baby Miles. I LOVE two year old Miles of course but I long for those snuggly nights when he shared the big bed with Drew and I. I almost let him sleep with us last night. 
Why does no one tell you how heart wrenching motherhood is?  How fast they change and how there are never enough hours in the day to hold them close and kiss their tiny cheeks?
I know with each stage he goes through there will be wonderful, exciting milestones to celebrate but in this moment I just wish he'd stay my snuggly tiny guy forever.



Barbie and Craig said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen. I feel you so fully on these points it's not even funny.

Just today, Porter ASKED to go potty, and said the prayer ALL by himself, which he has NEVER wanted to do (and I cried). And when I tucked him in his big boy bed I wished I could rewind the clock.

freya said...

oh miles! what a cutie! nothing's better than a sleeping baby on your chest! i can only imagine how much more wonderful it is when it's your own!

p.s. and heck yes i'd love to make him a little bow tie! i'm thinkin' the green fabric eh? hit me up with some rough measurements. we do need to hang! girls night again too!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

M - love the new header, but I think you should add a belly shot to the motif :) just sayin!