have i left the house this week?

It is FREEZING! The kiddos and I have been cooped up together all week because I am too big a wuss to brave these arctic temperatures and go in the back yard. We NEED sunshine! I may just have to layer us all up like crazy after they wake and go for it cuz seriously the cabin fever is starting to set in.

I was just trying to think if I'd walked out my door once this week and yes. I went out Monday night for Drews volleyball game. Me likey to see my man get physical ya know. He is really good and I don't understand it. Never practices, never played on a school v-ball team. Just naturally athletic I suppose. Then he's good at everything he tries. Lucky lady, yup that's me.

Today I was delighted by this blog. The happy, crafty wifey makes me smile and want to re-decorate.  I loooove freshly married couples. They are SO perfect in their bliss. It's that quiet, sparkly part before real life sets in completely. Lost in a world of firsts. Living with the one you cherish most and discovering new things about them constantly. So nice. (Though I must say being almost 6 years in, it only gets better.) I love love.

I am feeling quite rambly today. Quite rambly indeed. I need some fresh air. And a nap. But alas, this preggo doesn't get  naps. So I blog instead. Are you reading? Have you clicked "follow" yet? Someone new joined the fun just yesterday and made my day. Welcome friends! I suppose my facebook readers haven't even seen the "follow" button. It's here, on the blog...blimestimes.blogspot.com just to the right of this post! (What!?! Do I seem follower greedy? C'mon, I just wanna break a hundred here!)

So, that's where we're at today. Nothing ground breaking. Just holding on til the sun decides to be a little more generous again. I hope you find yourself  somewhere warm with someone kind today.

(I love sharing cereal with you sweet boy.)



Domesticated-Bliss said...

I know! Doesn't it kill you when people leave comments on facebook that don't transfer over to your actual blog?

Missin you Quesas - we need to plan a party soon! We also need to celebrate Sam's freedom :)

Lindy said...

Woohoo! Bloggy shout out! It made my day! Newlyweddedness is awesome, but it's really lovely to read about the moments you and Drew have at 6 years. Just love it all :)

So did you go outside or what??