25 weeks and a ramble.

(This bump is in full swing! It's crazy that we're only 14 weeks away from meeting this little guy!)
Week 25 weight: 147.4
Cravings: Clam chowder and doughnuts
Name: Still undecided
Activity: He is moving around like there are 5 of him in there

I have decided that pregnancy makes me crazier than I already am. I mean, there is seriously enough going on in this head of mine without baby brain on top of it all. I am so so so so thrilled to be carrying this bundle of boy and I do in fact LOVE being pregnant, I'm one of the lucky ones who barely gets any symptoms and just gets to enjoy the whole 10 months. It is good. But the effect these extra hormones have on my already differently-abled brain... that's another story.

Like yesterday, I turned the burner on the stove on to make dinner and totally forgot about it. Not just about the burner, about dinner as well... And about the chair that was sitting atop my stove so baby boy couldn't break his neck climbing it. Drew swears I'm gonna burn the house down soon. Let's hope not.

Then last night, I was sooooo exhausted from the days work and the battle I've been waging with a cold but as soon as my head hit the pillow my mind started racing. It ran in circles until 4:30 am. And Miles must have felt the vibe because he joined the party from 2:30-5:00. he finally fell asleep on top of Drew on the couch early this morning. Long night.

It isn't exactly rare for me to have sleepless nights really. Whenever my anxiety/ocd starts acting up sleep is the first thing to go. Followed shortly there after by my appetite. I can handle the occasional all nighter but it's been two nights in a row now and my tired, pregnant body is desperate for rest. A nice long winters nap. Tonight, you will be mine.

I was granted a tender mercy today though. The one baby I am caring for this week (everyone else is home for the holidays) stayed home with family. So, I am officially on Christmas vacation! No more work til Monday! And Monday is my baby boys birthday! I can hardly believe he's already turning two. Ah how I love him so. But that is another topic for another day.

Now, I just need to keep myself awake for another 7 or 8 hours and then I will crash (hopefully).

Happy blogging!


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