it's friday. thank the lord.

(Because I made it for my sister and she kinda really loved it.)

This was one intense week over here. There were a couple days/nights I didn't think we'd all survive it in one piece but alas, the weekend is here and that means time to rest.

Rest? Haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha that's a laugh!

On this weekends agenda...

*HP7 w/the newly wedded Connons!
*Relief Society Craft day... I'm in charge of the wreath making table. Get ready to work your fingers to the bone ladies!
*Mad Clean-A-Thon/Cookie Baking Extravaganza
*Sisters coming to town! Woot woot!!!
*Sunday church services (neeeeding those this week BIG TIME)!

And fingers crossed for a nap or two and a me that's nice to the men I love most instead of a hormonal maniac. Yes, it has been a rough week. Should not have skipped girls night out. Change must be in the air soon.

I hope.



Gabe and Christina said...

Cute hair piece! Great job! How about Brenda? Good right?

freya said...

awesome hair accessory! you're tight.

at least this week there's days off for thanksgiving! :)

was today the craft day? shoot! where was i at? lame.

Lindy said...

Love the hair piece! So fabulous :)