day 4. mercy me.

(Because blond haired me is just more fun...)

4. Something you have to forgive someone for.

Dang man, talk about digging all the crusty old skeletons outta the closet here!

Once upon a time there was a gangly, crooked toothed, wicker shoes wearing 8 year old girl with a kind of funny name. She had a massive crush on a blond haired boy in her class. Michael Taylor. The girl was sure the very sun rose and set for this boy. He was the best at kick ball, the smartest in math and was always winning the coloring contests.

One day the little girl recieved a note during quiet reading time. It was passed up and down the rows until it lay neatly folded atop her very own desk. On the outside it read... "To: Marquesa  Love: Michael."

The girl was giddy with hope and puppy love! The blonde haired boy liked her too! It may have been the most exciting moment of her shy and awkward little life. She quickly circled "yes" and carefully folded the note back up trying very very hard not to squeal with glee!

When reading time was done and the class was dismissed to recess she practically flew to the boys side and handed him the letter beaming.

He unfolded it, read it with a smile, laughed and said... "Now I'm going to show this to my real girlfriend."

He then started off down the hall after Katie What's-Her-Face. Katie wore gingham outfits with sparkley white Keds and had her name embroiderd on her back pack.


But alas the time has come and I can honestly say... I forgive you Michael.

Katie, you're probably still a douche and I definitely turned out hotter than you.

What!?! You can't expect me to forgive everyone all at once!



Kristin said...

Thanks for the chuckle M~ I needed one today...

L said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Thanks Marquesas! I need that laugh!

Megan Joy said...

hahahaha that was hilarious- especially you using the word douche! too funny

Don't worry, we have all had those unfortunate moments happen in our lives- even katie whats her face- I am sure she got hers as well!

Barbie and Craig said...

M. You are a hilarious she-beast!!! I can't believe that little JERK!!!!! Look what he's missing out on....WRONG move, Michael!!!

She who wears sparkly white Keds with her name embroidered on her backpack deserves no forgiveness. Boom.

Kristin said...

Hello again! You've been tagged over at Windy Poplars today in "The Holiday Tea Party"! Hope you have fun joining in! Enjoy your weekend to overflowing... ~K from WP

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Hilarious!!! Here's a question for you - does it drive you crazy when people drop the 's' off your name??

It would kill me! I even dislike it when people call me "Jess" if I'm not friends with them ;)

Also, why are kids SO mean at that age?!?