morning's here.

Every night before bed Drew asks me, "Are you waking up early to exercise tomorrow?"  Every night I say "maybe" or "probably" or some vague variation on that.

Every morning I am still asleep when he leaves the house for work.

Every morning before he goes, he pauses to give me a kiss and I try my best in a half sleep haze to kiss him back. (keeping my lips tightly shut so not to kill him with my morning death breath.)

Every morning right around 7am, I hear a tiny (yet very strong and sure) voice call out "Mommy!"

Every morning, after my wake up call (see above), I quickly brush my teeth, throw on whatever looks the most comfy that day, run the CHI over my bangs and head across the hall.

Every morning I get a great big smile and a nice hug as I pull my whole days  happiness out of his crib.

Every morning we retrieve the necessary items from sweet baby's bed.

"Mommy, doggy. Mommy, book. Mommy, bank." (blanket)

Every morning we cuddle on the couch and read books, or watch Good Morning America.

Miles usually prefers the books. (Baby boy loves books)

Every morning we debate; "chak" (chocolate)  or plain milk.

We take turns winning this battle. This morning it was chak. (baby boy loves chocolate)

Every morning we find silly ways to entertain ourselves while we wait for our friends to arrive for the day.

This morning we explored the garage. (Baby boy LOVES the garage.)

We found Daddy's bag of golf balls, then Daddy's bag of practice golf balls, then  a GIANT exercise ball, "Bee bawl." (big ball)  (Baby boy loves balls)

I like to watch him explore and discover.

Every morning around 8 we get a knock on the door. It's a good friend. And we're happy.

Every morning around 8:30 we have oatmeal mixed with yogurt and some fruit on the side.

Every morning we go outside because we love it outside.

This morning baby boy discovered a preying mantis on his toy car. *chills*

Of course he fell in love. ( Baby boy loves bugs)

Everyday around 9am I get a call from my very favorite man. He is walking from building to building at work and wants to chat. I am happy.

We update each other on what's happened since we last spoke. And talk about what's in store for the rest of the day.

This morning it was a simple text message.



I am happy.

Every day around 11:00 we have lunch.

Today was grilled cheese, peas and strawberries.

Everyday after lunch we get cleaned up, read some books and take a little nap.

Me and Miles say a nap time prayer to ease the transition.

It helps.

Everyday when the babies sleep, I blog. Or facebook. Or clean. And wait for the sounds of them stirring so the fun can begin again. (Mommy loves nap time.) Don't all mommy's love nap time?

And that is how mornings go around here.



Anna Baur said...

cute post. sounds like a pretty great morning!

Kristin said...

Very fun idea! I'll have to keep that one in mind (because you know I love copying your creativity :-))! How is your day going so far today? Still soda free? I'm completely pooped (we've been in remodeling mode over here), but MUST finish cleaning up the mess in the living room b/c we're having company tonight and it would really be nice if they had somewhere to sit! Guess, I'd better get off here and get back to it! Hugs, ~K