mail call...

Dear Sleep,
     Why did you leave me? And when will you return? I need you desperately as I am one crabby apple without your presence in my life.

Dear Husband,
     One week till we board a big fancy boat and sail away from all worldly cares and bask in the deliciousness of each other!

Dear Monster that has possessed my sweet sweet baby, 
     You are a demon to be exercised and I will defeat you. (OK, really I'll curl into a ball of defeat and wait till my baby returns)

Dear Sister,
     I am so proud of you being cast as Shelby in Steel Magnolias!!! My sister the star!!!

Dear Shelley and Brad, 
     Have I mentioned how totally stoked I am that we're all cruisin' together!?! It is gonna be BOMB!!!

Dear Mable, 
     Thanks for staying up all night with me these past few nights. (Even if you do get to sleep all day while I work.)

Dear Sugar Cookies,
     You make my tummy smile.

Love to all,



Barbie and Craig said...

I love mail call...just waiting for the day when I make your list of "dears"


Oh, and SO JEALOUS of the cruise....two more weeks until our own vacation sans noonie, but a cruise sounds waaay better.

xo B

Kristin said...

I LOVE M'S MAIL CALL DAY! "I want to shout it from the top of someplace very high" (know where that quote is from?). So sorry to hear that you're not sleeping well my dear. Hope tonight is different. Are you enjoying your weekend so far? Woohoo for cruising! Have you convinced Drew yet that you need to go on another cruise this winter w/ us??! I guess that will partially depend on whether you have a fabulous time on this cruise or not, huh? Which I'm sure you will btw! So excited for you!