all the Sunday madness begins to pay off!

This morning, Miles and I took turns drawing things on the magna doodle and trying to guess what they were... I drew many things that he immediately recognized...

"cack" (cat)
"cuck" (truck)
"baney" (banana)
"gapes" (grapes)

You get the idea. Ridiculous cuteness abounded.

He drew lots of dots and squiggly lines and generously allowed me to be right every time I ventured a guess as to what the heck they were. He is a budding artist/genius/musician/ladies man/gymnast/chef/gardener/entomologist/veterinarian. (Sorry, sometimes I get carried away when I think of his many talents)

Anyway, then I drew what I thought looked like a house.

"What is this Miles?" asks Mommy.

"Chuch"  he says.

"CHURCH!?!?!?" Mommy nearly squeals.

Miles nods his head with a huge grin.


My child knows what church is! I AM doing something right!

I didn't even know he could say that word! Thank you Miles for making my day!

Happy weekending! Be prepared for the unveiling of what I wore this week. It's ummm... well, you'll see.



Kayla said...

So adorable. I remember vividly going to church when I was little as one of my favorite things. Especially when you hit Sunday school and draw pictures of Moses and then you met your parents outside for donuts. Now I'm grown up and still meet my mom as often as possible to go to church. It's a great habit!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Barbie and Craig said...

That is so awesome! What a little genius!!!

Love you, Miles! Way to make your momma proud!!!


Amanda said...

that is just soooo precious! :)

Kristin said...

I think you've got a budding Einstein on your hands :-) That was an adorable story M.- And WHY do you have us hanging over what you wore this week? Quite intrigued! Better be good :-) LOL. Happy Saturday dear friend! - O, and wanna make a "Facebook Chat" date this weekend? Off to hang pics in our freshly painted guest room...