the good wife in me.

1. Gather a bunch of your lovers favorite candies.

2. Stash them in the passenger side sun visor (add a little love note if your feeling extra adventurous)

3. Take him for a drive (to the store, gas station, whatever but YOU need to be driving)

4. Ask him to get your (insert fictitious object here) I said "sunglasses" from the visor

5. Watch his surprise and delight when he is showered with his favorite candies and a love note!!!

It' s awesome. Promise!



Cole said...

This is a great idea. Except can't do the sun visor thing because its way too hot here. But I leave him notes on the steering wheel so when he gets in the car he gets a surprise. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! Very thoughtful.

Kristin said...

I Think you need to write a little book on super cute ideas M! Love this one, and since my hubby loves candy, he would love it too! Thanks for the inspiration!