bath time.

Wanna have some spunky fun tonight? Put the little ones to bed and give your hubby a bath! Sounds a little strange maybe but it's actually great fun!

Drew randomly asked me to give him a bath the other night and I gotta say, it was hilarious! And it maybe ended up being way more fun than either of us bargained for!

Try it tonight! Your hubby will eat up the attention and you'll love the feeling of caring for him in a new and different way! There will be good vibes all around, promise!

(here's a pic from the 4th just b/c I'm excited to finally know how to make pics HUGE on this blog! Thanks again Christina!)

Happy Friday and have fun in the tub!



Cole said...

I should do it. Especially since my hubby is injured and showers aren't working for him. Thanks for the idea. :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.You are such a pretty girl!

Gabe and Christina said...

No problem ;) Your pics are amazing!

Kristin said...

M-I L.O.V.E. this idea! Thanks for sharing! It's so great hearing from girls who keep their marriages fun and fresh (especially after kids! so many marriages go rather stale once diapers and sleepless nights are involved!) It's good to feel like we're not alone on our quest to be "perpetual newlyweds" until the day we die! Oh, and btw, I found a couple of super cute vintage style swimsuits this weekend for our upcoming vacation. You'd love them! I have to say that your pics inspired me in that direction on my suit hunt this year (even though the link you sent me to that PERFECT one was sold out :-( ) I'm quite pleased w/ my finds! Hope you're Sunday has been a good one so far (oh, and I want to know how to make pics huge too!!! - Is it hard?) Talk to you again soon friend!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

that just totally cracked me up :) nice mohawk!