let the living begin!!!

Remember a while back when I made my LIVE LIST? Well, I've finally begun checking things off!

4. Have a slumber party with friends!!!


It was so much fun gathering with old friends this weekend. We got to catch up on eachothers lives w/o facebook or email. Face to face talking and laughing. So organic and refreshing. I forgot how much fun we all used to have together back in highschool! It didn't take long for it all to come screaming back to me!

Thanks for a great weekend ladies!


Kayla said...

I love the idea of a grown up sleepover. I'll have to plan one too!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

So fun! I'm really glad we did this and can't wait for the next time!

Kristin said...

SO jealous! I would love to have my friends still semi- around from highschool. Sadly, they scattered to the ends of the earth :-(. What a fabulous idea though. Glad you had a super fun weekend! Hugs, ~K

Anna Baur said...

how fun!! :) I love your idea! Maybe I'll have to add it to my to-do list, too!

Amanda said...

sounds like fun! i love having girl's day...or sleepovers!