ladies and gentlemen... welcome to the gun show.

Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Ok, so I may not have bazookas yet but I definitely feel stronger after finishing the second week of P90X. It's not as hard as I remember from last summer; just a lot of work. But really it's only an hour a day. I can do that right? Now, how many days left???


PS I LOVE you Jenn Beast!!!


MsHark said...

you are so cute & you look awesome!! good for you sticking with it, you can do it :)

Kayla said...

You look awesome! I think I need to order some p90x!


Kristin said...

Hi M! You go girl! I've been getting back to a more active lifestyle this week too. 'Tis the season! So what is P90X all about? I've seen it mentioned on other blogs, but don't know anything about it.- Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far! Yesterday my little sis graduated from college, so we were out of town for the day. It was great! But quite exhausting too.- Lovin' my Sunday afternoon on the couch :-) Oh! Wanted to let you know too, that tomorrow we're having the first ever Windy Poplars Chat. It's at 10pm ET. Just go to the WP site, and I'll have a link up about 15 min. before chat time. Hope you can make it! I'd love to see you there :-) Talk to ya again soon, ~K

Domesticated-Bliss said...

You go girl!

Jenn said...

Look at that arm girl!!! Go you! I love you too! Thanks for posting, it is actually encouraging!! If you have time, post on the courage and encouragement website so I'll feel obligated to workout:)-who all will be going on the 5th...?

Barbie and Craig said...

Those are bazookas! Especially compared to my relief society arms! BA HA HA!! No. Seriously.

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