Hey Yo!!! I won TWO blog awards!!! Waaaahoooo!!!!

What!?!? Me? Datz right! (sorry, sometimes i go a lil ghetto when excited)

Thank you Lindsey and Jessica!!!

For one award I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and the other 7 so I'll just give ya ten.

1. My hair is not naturally red though I WISH it was.

2. I went 2 years without seeing or talking to Drew while he was on a mission for our church. (we'll we talked on the phone 4 times while he was away but still!)

3. I like brownie batter MUCH better than brownies.

4. I'm a professional care giver. Babies babies everywhere over here!

5. I have a new hobby... ballroom dancing!!!

6. I love RED lipstick.

7. I HATE spending money.

8. I haven't had any meat (except fish) in quite a while

9. I once held a protest at KFC

10. I am kinda addicted to cherry coke.

There ya go! 10 things about yours truly! Now I'll be giving these same awards to some fellow bloggers soon so stay tuned!!!



Sarah Ann said...

Hey! :) Congrats!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

congrats on your awards!!! i love brownie batter and cookie dough way more than the real things!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Hey! I happened upon your blog! So stinkin' cute! I too love batter! Sometimes I'm already full before I even start the baking!

I've been wanting my hubby to take a ballroom class with me. Maybe in our next life he'll actually agree to it. ;)

and cherry coke?!.... we should be friends.

Rasha said...

YAY for the awards, Im new to your blog but im loving it and your bangs are ADORABLE!