My friend Jessica has issued a challenge. Show yourself to the world; in all of your true beauty. Before your get all prettied up for the day and after.

Don't be afraid of my true beauty k?

In the spirit of the challenge I did not re-touch these photos at all so what ya see is the real me! Ha! Won't you join the movement and show us YOUR real beauty?

And... Check out our photo shoot featured here! Once again BIG props to the woman who captured these priceless memories; Kim Brock of KimBE Photography!


Kristin said...

Oh my gracious! Your photo shoot came out so well! Just beautiful - and what fun pose ideas too! Thanks for sharing them... Come join the party today over at Windy Poplars if you have the time!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Still gorgeous, even in the morning dear :) Love the new shade btw!

MsHark said...

I love this idea she had! You are gorgeous with or without all the prep!


Sarah Ann said...

My hair totally looks like that before and after... except mine is a little bit crazier :) You look lovely!