belly laughs

This morning Miles discovered the joy of Matchbox cars. And I discovered the immeasurable joy of baby belly laughs!

I would "Vrrroomm" and race the cars into the wall and he just giggled and laughed. He was so so delighted! I don't know what it is about his laugh but the sound of it just fills me up with this warmth and the sweetest peace. I love making him happy. How have I gone my whole life w/o this magical sound? I keep meaning to capture it on video to share with you but everytime he's giggling I just want to be totally there and soak it all up. Seriously, baby belly laughs have got to be the untapped cure for all the ills of the world or something.

Do your baby's laughs affect you similarly ? Surely they do. I know I'm not just being a sappy mom on this one! Right?

The pic here is totally old but he just looks so crazy happy I figured it'd be perfect for the post. Remember that day MA? He loved that lil peach!

Peace for now gals.



Wonsch Family said...

Yay, a MJ post!Love that little boy :) OK if I come over tomorrow to visit? I'll call you in the morning.

MA said...

Amen sister! giggles are a peace of heaven, pure joy! miss you guys lots!!! call me :)

p.s. what's you're address?