wondering where we've been?

Sick babies are so so sad. Especially when it's YOUR baby. Miles has not been well lately. For several days in fact. No sleep, super high fevers, lots of poop and throw up, a trip to the ER, It's not been ideal to put it nicely. Drew even took time off work to help care for him while I was working with my babysitting kiddies. He had a non-contagious viral infection (so say the ER Dr.'s) But he was also cutting a monster of a front tooth. Whoa. Good news is he's starting to feel a little better now. Today he was actually up for playing with his good friends Anna and Camden. They really really enjoy crawling/walking all around my living room/kitchen getting into stuff. It. is. so. cute. So, he's on the mend now but this weekend was really rough on the poor guy. Needless to say, I have been absent from my Internet addiction (putting first things first and all) but hopefully I'm back now. I have missed all my cyber pals and getting all up in every body's business on FB.




Jared said...

Sorry to hear the little guys hasn't been feeling well. I miss you guys. I hope life is treating you well. Sorry I haven't been the best at keeping in touch.

Jennifer Porter said...

I was wondering....glad to hear things are going better!

Jenn said...

I'm not so sure it was non-contagious...sounds like you had the same week/weekend we did! Including the trip to the ER!! Hope Miles is doing better!! Mal seems to be recovering:P

Hope Drew had a happy B-day!

tallygirl_18 said...

Awww... Poor baby!!! I hope he gets completely better soon!!

this blessed nest said...


you are so right...there is nothing worse then a sick baby especially yours. it is all consuming, i know!!! so glad that things are getting better!!!

on another note, cracking up at your ending sentence, about blogs & fb friends...i feel i do the very same thing. stalk - chat - reconnect. it is all so fun.

hope things stay healthy & well at your nest!