Some things I've learned this week

1. Insomnia makes me hungry...which makes me cranky.

2. Boobie loves me a lot. especially when I'm having a pity party.

3. I am starting to get baby fever. ( I blame all my ADORABLE prego friends for that one)... and the insane cutie-pie-ness of my Meester.

4. I will ABSOLUTELY NOT be getting pregnant anytime soon.

5. I am a list maker.

6. I have kind of a lot to do before my house is fully baby-proofed.

7. Only like three people read this blog.

8. I really enjoy blogging.

9. I HATE my hair. (but hopefully not for long)

10. I absolutely LOVE laughing more than doing anything else. (even eating peanut butter crack, and that's saying something)

Speaking of that, tonight I cracked myself up while leaving my girlfriend a message about sausage (random I know) but I did laugh till I snorted so mark that off of my summer list! Woo Hoo!

11. I just maybe have decided that I maybe could handle twins if the Lord sees fit to one day maybe bless me with them. maybe. big. maybe.

12. When I go a while without talking to my friends I get absolutely silly with glee when they finally call!

13. I should really be sleeping right now.

Maybe I'll go and try that.

the Meester is back in the big comfy bed with us... thanks a lot Michelle! :o)

Sweet dreams loves,



Katie said...

No matter how hard I try, Kiley ALWAYS ends up in the big comfy bed with John and I. I love it and i hate it all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I have been dubbed "the list queen"...

Still jealous of your little Meester, btw...

Johns Family said...

I love reading your blog!!! Miss you!! BTW, found a bunch of pics of you me and Sis Richardson!! I just need a scanner!

Tonya said...

Make that a minimum of 4 readers! ;-)
BTW, your kitchen is very cute! Love it! Thank you for having a get-together for the Carrs. I love Mary Ann so much. She means a lot to me. I wished I would have been able to make it, but I'm very grateful she had such a fun farewell for her and her family. You're a wonderful person! Thank you!
-- Tonya [Driggers]