before the end of summer

I wish to...

1. Bike the St. Marks trail with Boobie

2. Take a spontaneous day trip

3. Enjoy pink and blue cotton candy in my hammock

4. Create something beatiful

5. Take the big scary jump off the Wakulla Springs platform

6. Make a delicious Chicken-Pot-Pie and truly indulge sans guilty conscience

7. Read an amazing book (any suggestions)?

8. Laugh and laugh until I snort... (it happens when I really get going)

9. Picnic at the beach with my two favorite guys and some good friends

10. Plant a front yard FULL of St. Augustine grass

What do you want to do before September 1st?


1 comment:

Jennifer Porter said...

Poisonwood bible is a great book, I have it if you want it
before sept 1st I want to lose 10 more lbs. or 2 whichever

organize (always)