"don't shoot my baby."

This picture was taken as I attempted to comfort my baby boy after his first shots... being two months old is hard. He was a real champ about it all though. He didn't mind the actual shots as much as the oral vaccine (he gurgled and choked and screamed) saddest. sight. ever. Luckily Daddy was there to get us all through it. Big strong Daddy makes everything ok, always.

Here's the two month rundown...

*23 1/2" tall

*11 lbs 7oz

*vaccines for hepB, diptheria, polio, tetanus, pertussis, pneumococcal disease (took me 3 tries to spell that one), rotavirus and hib. CHECK!

Baby is ready to take on the world... or at least a gaggle of aunts, uncles, cousins and one granny!!!

We had a really great trip to Tampa this weekend!

Miles was swarmed with love and kisses from our family and Mr. Blimes and I got to take an afternoon out!!! There was putt putt-ing, delicious chocolate chip cookies, Denny's, shopping and of course much much cuteness from nieces and nephs.

Hubbs putted with the boy strapped to him and STILL dominated. (it's just not fair)

The gang before we putted...and right after I tried to fall into the gator pit (don't ask)

Oh Mongolian BBQ how I love love love your deliciousness!!!

Like I said, it was a great weekend.



Jennifer Porter said...

Your hair looks much darker....????

Jenn said...

Yeah, I thought you were going blonde?

Anywho, I want to see y'all so bad! I almost called you on Friday, but I remembered Drew is off and thought y'all might have already had plans on such late notice...

Call me and let me know how it's going when you get a chance! Miles looks wonderful and handsome!

Jared said...

Love the Pics!

mattANDvicky said...

Wow! Your weekend sure did look fun by the pictures! Mark and I used to have to trade off for the kids shots....we couldn't stand it, so we took turns being in there!

Valarie said...

Aww, the pics are all great! We miss Miles!! Come back and visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

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