The night I wore the bright red lipstick...


Many a self portrait was taken to reassure ME that I didn't look too much like a street walker...

I've tried many times to work the bright red lip but never really had much luck with it...until now.

I am in love with my dollar store tube of Berry Red!!!

And BONUS Mr. Blimes was rather fond of it too!!!

(this would be one of the MANY failed attempts...) love my luscious ladies though!!!

Now, will I ever be brazen enough to ROCK the RED in the daylight???




A BIG SHOUT OUT TO THESE TWO LOVE BIRDS!!!! My rockstar VT and her hunk-a-burnin' love!!!

They just got ENGAGED!!!!

Congratulations you two, marriage is the most ROCKIN-EST thing ever!!!


Valarie said...

I can't believe you ever doubted that you could pull of bright red. Duh...you are Marquesas.....HELLO!!

Matt&Vicky said...

It looks great! I was surprised to see Shelley in red lipstick though, that was Shelley in the picture, wasn't it?

Matt&Vicky said...

That is me that posted that. Matt has done something weird with the posting name. I will have to get him to fix that. We share a blog and he set it all up...Vicky

Wonsch Fam said...

You totally pull off the red. Me on the other hand... Hope you have a good day today. We're on pins and needles waiting for the little cutie to make his appearance. xoxo

Olivia said...

love it! not a bit like a street walker, promise.