Dear Mr. Blimes,

Last night you made me smile without even knowing it. I was washing up the dishes after dinner and found something very strange... a potato peeler covered in hot fudge... turns out the butter knife was just a couple inches too far out of reach...so you stirred your ice cream topping with a potato peeler! My sweet boobie, how much I enjoy your strange, boyish antics and the way the simple things about life seem to please you so much. I love you and hope you never change.



Valarie said...

Marquesas, you could have come straight out and just said he's a goober!!

The Miller Family said...

This post made me smile :o)

P.S. I never thought of (and still question) the use of the "Lindsey Miller Fashion Book" as something said in a positive light, lol! But yes, I have the wonderful Target to thanks for my semi-cuteness on Sunday!

Olivia said...

Lindsey stole my line, I was about to type "This post made me smile" lol. Seriously, sweet stuff. You two are wonderful. Miss you guys.