Tis the Season...

to mutilate harmless fruit! MWAH HA HA HA HA!

Every year Drew and I carve a pumpkin... and every year his name is Steve... this goes back to our very first Halloween as an "official" couple... we'd spent the Halloween before Steve the 1st together but we were "just friends" at that point... (in fact, if you would've told us then that 7 years into the future we'd be married and expecting a baby, we probably would've said you were crazed!)...nevertheless, here we are!

So last night we kept with tradition and as always... I gut em and he cuts em... Drew is a wonderful pumpkin carver! So, we gutted, carved, and lit the bad boy up last night! It only took like an hour too! After we put the finishing touches on Steve the 5th (skip 2 yrs for the mission) we watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! (Still a classic but I remember it being better when I was a kid lol)

So, without further adieu... introducing Steve the 5th!

Stay tuned for updates on what exactly I plan to do with all of Steve's guts! (first i have to figure it out myself lol)

Happy Haunting!



Kim and Stace said...

impressive carving skills!

Olivia said...

is a pumkin a fruit? I thought it was a gord, a class in and of itself. Then again, I'm not an ag specialist, so what do I know?

Happy Birthday, Steve the 5th, long may you reign.

At least until your insides get all slimmy and smelly.

Valarie said...

I was wondering what in the world you had posted about because my parental control blocked your blog when I tried to look at it. I guess it doesn't like pumpkin carving. Drew did a good job!

Jared said...

Nice Pumpkin!!! So we had a first snow up here!! Sweet! Oh by the way Websites that have music that cant be turned off are so annoying!!!! (hint hint)

Valarie said...

Nope, not PG-13. More like PG. We have pretty much everything blocked since the kids play on the computer. :)