I've Decided!

Well, after hearing the final debate last night I have officially decided who my vote will be cast for next month...! But guess what...? I'm not telling... hee hee Aren't you glad you took time to read this post! lol

But seriously gals...no matter who you're voting for let's all get out there and use the voices that our women's suffrage sisters fought over 70 years for! Who says nagging doesn't pay off...?

So...who will it be girls...?

My "deciding issue" was finally addressed last night so now I am very confident with my choice. So, unless I get to the polls and God prompts me otherwise I'm ready! It's nice to be officially off the fence.

Ok ladies, dont forget to dig out your voter card and hit the polls this year...making your voice heard is possibly more important this election than it has been in our lifetimes!

Oh, I'm not even telling my mom who I'm voting for so don't ask...! It's my little secret!




Olivia said...

GRRR....I like the pic you found of the inside of McCain's nose, by the way.

I still think I know...and I'm still going to keep bugging you, lol.

Every debate has just strengthened my decision, as you know.

Jared said...

I've decided I am moving to Canada!

Steven & Tiffany Martin said...

You've been tagged. See my blog for details.