Farewell Summer!!!

Well, here are the most recent happenings in the Blimes' world...! There's some pics from the ward water party... a couple new arrangements...and a couple just to reminisce a wonderful summer past! I have no pics to post from my fabulous visits with my sisters and parents in law but those were fun weekends!!! (especially when we lost power lol) I know I say it all the time but I married into the greatest family! I am so excited to be bringing another Blimes into the world!!!

PS My hubby would totally KILL yours in a wet t-shirt contest!!!

You know you love me


hee hee


Jared Gunnell said...

Looks like Drew has lost some weight. I am getting there!! Can you believe summer is gone. It is starting to feel like fall up here already. (Sweet)

Valarie said...

That pic of Drew in line with all the kids is hilarious. Looks like a great activity.
Oh, and we love you too. :) Now lets go win us some money on Wheel of Fortune!!!

Olivia said...

Not a chance, Fai would beat Drew hands-down any day! Yep, my hubby's hotter.

I want to see your bump! I wish i could make it down there, I'm aching to see everyone!

Stephanie said...

I am gonna cry. I love the feet picture, that was a good memory!!! and my last night in tally. I need a car so I can come visit!!! I miss the helloutta ya!