Beach Bums!!!

Ahhh I finally have a few minutes to post a little about our wonderful vacation last week...

It was FABULOUS!!! Usually I am not much of a beach person but I have to say between the waves, sun, food, family and good friends with me all week I'm pretty much sold! Everyday I'd wake to the smell of mama cooking some type of carb-filled wonder for breakfast and the relief of knowing I didn't have to think about anything all day! I'd chow down on the food and then glob on as much sun block as my body could soak up and head for the beach. It was maybe a 5 or so minute walk from the rental to the sand so that was really nice.

Then I'd spend a few hours under my umbrella, reading Twilight (that's a whole other post in itself btw) and dozing in and out of consciousness while Mable dug around in the sand and the seagulls flew overhead! I was brave and even hit the water a few times when other people went with me.

After the beach I would head back to the house for my daily nap....ahhhh those naps were AMAZING!!! I think the longest one was like 4 hours!!! I love sleep! Anyway, most of the evenings concluded with a scrumptious dinner, long walk on the beach and a movie or game! It was perfect!!! I was ready to come home by the end of the week (of course) but I can't wait to go back next summer!!! Here are some pics for your enjoment...!

First things first !Mama, Jazz and Me got some snazzy slippers to keep our feet clean and cozy and of course glamorous for vacation!

Mable really enjoyed bumming around on the beach and running wild along the shore line in the evenings!

Me after chasing down the umbrella that escaped for the umpteenth time!!!

Beach Bums!!!

Btw, baby and I hit 20 weeks on our vacay!!! Can you see my bump?

Drew discovered a new hobby at the beach...and he is still paying the price!!! He was getting pretty good by the last day but now I think his leg will have to be amputated! lol


Valarie said...

Awww, sounds like fun! I would be slightly more jealous if I didn't despise the beach so much. :) But the carb-filled breakfasts and naps sound amazing!! And you look so cute.

Steven & Tiffany Martin said...

What a cute lil baby bump! You can barel;y tell though ;)

Jared Gunnell said...

Looks like it was a nice vacation. It is not truly a vacation unless you come home with some kind of bruise,scrape or scar! Miss you guys!

Olivia said...

envy envy envy! hopefully next summer we can take you guys up on the invite! I LOVE the beach, as you know!

Jenn said...

Hey girl,
Missed you at stake choir practice, ha! Anyway, on my blog it said you updated your blog, something about photobucket, but I don't see anything...hmm...But hey, I LOVE the background!*wink* Talk to ya later, oh yeah, when is Drew's b-day bash...or boil?! Let me know! Bye!