"You forgot to wash what?"

YES! i just had the most wonderful weekend! on friday night drew and i cruised the kia on down to orlando and went to the temple, it was amazing! the first time since ive been married where no one yelled at me, i had no wardrobe malfunctions, and i didnt get lost! It was just so great to be there with my sweet sweet hubby and my perfect mom-in-law ( i really have no idea how i got so lucky here) so yeah, after the twmple we drove to his sisters house in tampa and spent the rest of the weekend there playing w/ the cutest bunch of kids, having a birthday bash, and just chatting it up, i had such a good time. i swear i got the the best in-laws in the bushel...

so yeah, here i am updating so mary anne will get off my back lol!! just kidding girl... things are going really great for the blimes' rightnow... lotsa exciting stuff, drew has only a couple weeks left til he's a bonified college grad!!! soo soo proud of him! we have been shopping for homes here in town and have found one that we absolutley love. we really want to stay in the ward we're in now cuz its really comfy and cozy. I just designed my first kitchens a couple weeks ago, nerve racking but fun, my first commission should be in my pocket any time now...:) YES!!!

ok, i need to do this more often..too much to say. oh, im vegetarian! apparantely not too many people know that so there ya go! i am living cruelty free! interested? please ask me about it! i love to talk about animal rights and stuff like that! ps anyone up for a protest???

ok, so now i got this pic posting thing down... theres some from girls night in...my sisters fam...even kelsey days... the KFC protest...and me jumping in europe... random yes but its a start...

alright i gotta peace... i need to do some actual work work today bye beasts!!!- marquesas

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Valarie said...

Yeah! You posted again! We're happy we got to see you guys. Thanks for the offer on the vegitarian thing...but I'm gonna go ahead and pass. :) I loved all the pics, but apparently you don't love my kids enough to put up any pictures of them. :P

Oh, and just FYI, I think Drew did a pretty great job picking me out a sister-in-law.