Jenn Porter...the worlds best VT!!!

Ok, Jenn tagged me so here we go...ps, did i mention how much i love her? she has been amazing to me ever since the first day she called me and told me on my machine how much she liked mt hair... i love you jenn!

Relationship Tag
How did you meet your spouse?

we met in the church parking lot. he was wearing all BLACK very scary and emo ha ha ha

Where did you go on your first date?

hmmm...olive garden, i paid.

How long have you been together?

we were great friends for a year, started dating 3 months b/f his mission, then got engaged as soon as he got home, now we've been married 3 years!!!...so like 5 yrs! WOW

Who eats more?

ME! well, i graze more. when we have a meal, he always does

Who said I love you first?

i did. i just couldn't hold it in any longer. he is the best boy i have ever known

Who is taller?

he is ofcourse

Who sings better?

he would say me, i would say we're pretty equal. our voices compliment eachother

Who is smarter?

it shore ain't me...hee hee hee

Who does the laundry?

oh yeah, that's me

Who does the dishes?

me again! i have resigned myself to the fact that he is just not into cleaning, im learning to deal. :)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

me, its by the window

Who pays the bills?

drew, except for when i had a car payment...that's right, it's paid off now!!!!

Who mows the lawn?

right now, our landlord but soon we'll have too!

Who cooks dinner?

me again! although these days he cooks his own "side of meat".

Who drives when you are together?

used to be him but now i am always getting car sick...bleh

Who is more stubborn?

ooohhh thats a tuffy...he gets over stuff faster than i do but when his mind is set on something he won't budge

Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong?

hmmm...i guess we're pretty even there too, neither of us like the feeling of being in an argument

Who kissed who first?

he kissed me and it was AMAZING!!! you should really hear the story sometime

Who proposed?

he did, wow, this survey brings back such good memories

Who is more sensitive?

me, i'm pretty much like a tumble weed when it comes to emotion

Who has more friends?

def me. he is super super shy but really funny when he starts to open up

Who has more siblings?

he does, and they are ALL hilarious!

Who wears the pants?

we share the pants...sometimes it gets a little uncomfy and hard to walk but it works! :)

ok..i'm gonna tag...Valarie Butchko (i hope i spelled your name right) and Lindsey Miller


Tracy B. said...

This post is cute. I'll agree that you share the pants. I think I've actually seen you guys share a pair of pants before!

The Millers... said...

I love it! My thoughts exactly about it bringing up great memories! So glad you guys are so happy!

Valarie said...

Ohhhh! I will have to try and remember to do this. I ma not so great at following through with these memes, but I'll try! :)

P.S. Your blog is so cute! Where did the layout come from??

Jennifer Porter said...

hey don't want to be letting the cat out of the bag I'll be getting all kinds of requests to be everyone's vter :)! I love you right back!!! Thanks for playing along with the tag.